Brain Damage

by Neil Parsons

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At last, my first and most complex musical album in being fulfilled after a very long time. This conceptual work of mine recalls several aspects of human consciousness and his different states of mind, in a science-fiction movie soundtrack language. Aspects of mankind in a cosmic way, but also concerning on earthly movements, are also reflected in each of the themes of this album consists.

This has been a long-expected project of mine, since I started it about the beginning of 2004 and then partially finished as a 2-CD full conceptual album for April of that year.

After a very long time, I wasn't very satisfied with the project that for June of last 2014 I decided to redo and finish it, till present days.

I've used several software synthesizers from well-known houses as Native Instruments and Arturia: Pro-53, FM7, AbSynth (both versions 2.0 and 4.0), Moog Modular V and CS-80V, plus different VST plug-ins for effects and spacey sound patterns. The previous recording has been restored with structural modifications as in the tracklist as in the contents of most of the tracks.

You may find here some recognisable influences in early Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze's music.

The final CD only comprises the eight first tracks. Only if you wish to download the full album, you'll receive the bonus track Growling Pains, so you may enjoy a more complete travel through innerspace of human brain.

In loving memory of my brother Jose Luis (1957-2004)

Dedicated to all people in the world in desire of opening their minds to space, spirituality and illusion.

PD: I reckon it's a hazardous musical work to listen to (as happened with TD albums like Zeit or Alpha Centauri), but after several times you may appreciate it.


released February 22, 2015

All instruments, composition, arrangement, cover design and production: Neil Parsons




Neil Parsons Spain

I'm an 'afficionado' of vintage console and computer games. I like music in most of its genres, too, but what I like most is creating it or arranging whatever it makes me feel better in my life. For now, my musical adventures run around 8-bit computers, especially the much beloved ZX Spectrum.

I have other interests in music, too, but for now there's nothing else to say.
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