Final Sequences

by Neil Parsons

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My last album already released after attempting with software synthesizers once again. The tracks are intentionally live and uncut improvisations performed during a pair of sessions in these very recent days. Though resulting two lengthy tracks, it doesn't mean to inspire someone for any reason. Just feel the time passes by. Enjoy it without thinking in anything else.

The sound hasn't been the good one I wanted, because my computer had some little trouble with its soundcard during the recording sessions. However, I've tried to fix the sound the best I could during final mixing. I didn't want to repeat all the process to play and record something completely different. Sometime, somehow, I hope to change my (quite grumpy) PC by another with a much better equipment for creating and mixing music in a next future. Don't bother little clicks or clips that could still exist, just dive yourself into the depths of space with my music.

Software used: Native Instruments AbSynth 4.0, Arturia CS80-V, Arturia ARP2600-V software synthesizers and Audacity 2.0.6.

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released July 13, 2015




Neil Parsons Spain

I'm an 'afficionado' of vintage console and computer games. I like music in most of its genres, too, but what I like most is creating it or arranging whatever it makes me feel better in my life. For now, my musical adventures run around 8-bit computers, especially the much beloved ZX Spectrum.

I have other interests in music, too, but for now there's nothing else to say.
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