Selected tracks from 'The Dreaming Earth' (Demo)

by Neil Parsons

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A selection from my music project "The Dreaming Earth", album created in 2004, from which I've chosen the best tracks made after the making of the basis recordings. All music have been arranged starting from MIDI public domain files found in the net and lately modified / arranged with Myriad software (Melody Assistant and Harmony Assistant programs). Next step was adding the new MIDi files into several software synthesizers by Native Instruments: FM-7 and Pro-53 mainly and make them play with different ornaments and sounds patterns, in some ways altering filters, oscillators, ADSR, VPO and tone frequencies in real time. Other computer synthesizers were played too.

In fact, these were the instruments used in this album recording: Pro-53, FM-7 and AbSynth 2.0 standalone soft-synths from Native Instruments. Mixing consoles: Audacity 1.2.0 and Nero Wave Editor in a 32-bit Pentium III personal computer.

Recorded from May to July 2004. This selection, (P) 2013.


released July 15, 2004

Neil Parsons: Soft-synthesizers, arrangements, mixing, cover design and production.




Neil Parsons Spain

I'm an 'afficionado' of vintage console and computer games. I like music in most of its genres, too, but what I like most is creating it or arranging whatever it makes me feel better in my life. For now, my musical adventures run around 8-bit computers, especially the much beloved ZX Spectrum.

I have other interests in music, too, but for now there's nothing else to say.
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